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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

My name is Jerome the owner of Tatums touch and shine. Thank you for stopping by our page.We are a cleaning company that's base out of Cobb county Georgia.


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please call 404-468-5135

Hours of operation 9 am to 9 pm

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No power in your home we got you cover

Carpet cleaning prices   

One area $50.00

Two areas $65.00

Three areas $95.00

Four areas $130.00

Five areas $160.00

Six areas $190.00

Seven areas $220.00

Stairs $30.00 

areas equal 200 sq ft 

Hardwood cleaning 

Carpet protection ($25.00 per area) 

Pet stain/odor treatment(25.00 per area)

Flush system pet treatment (50.00 per area)

Upholstery prices

love seat ($75.00) 2 seat

Couch ($100.00) 3 seat

Dining chairs ($15.00) per chair

Services we provide

*Carpet cleaning 

*Hardwood floor cleaning

*Polish/wax remover

*Commercial carpet cleaning 

*Floor cleaning

*Upholstery cleaning

*Pet stains/odor treatment

*Carpet protection

Carpet cleaning promise...

Here at Tatum's touch and shine we take proud of quality and customer service.You will be certain your carpet cleaning,

upholstery & hardwood floor cleaning will not only be the best you ever had.but the services we be performed at the industry highest level of quality.Every one loves clean fresh carpet.

Carpet protection...  Keep your carpet protected.Specially in high traffic areas such of living room & hallways.Carpet protection keeps carpet clean from dirt and spills.Keeping you carpet protect for a long time.

Pet urine/stain/odor info...

When it comes to cleaning pet odor remover out of carpet you need to make sure the cleaning is deep as possible.This mean sometimes you gotta get deep into the carpet backing or surface of the carpet if its not bad.Its important to treat the area as soon as possible.Once the urine becomes dries it becomes alkaline and to remove.We use a special treatment system that will extract all urine and odor causing bacterial growth.

Carpet cleaning photos

Before and after picture

Wood floor cleaning photos and videos